Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (IChemC), the successor to the Chemical Society of Ceylon, has devoted over four decades to preserving and advancing the profession of chemistry in Sri Lanka. The Second International Conference on “Frontiers in Chemical Technology 2024 (FCT-2024)” is being organized by the Institute and is scheduled for the 20th – 22nd of June 2024 in Colombo. The conference will concentrate on Technological Advancements in Chemical Technology.

  • Energy: Chemistry, Technology and Engineering
  • Food: Security, Safety and Quality
  • Environment: Climate change, pollution and Green Chemistry
  • Medicine: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Herbal Technology¬†
  • Waste: Management, Value Addition and Circular Economy

In addition, breakout sessions will be devoted to topics such as quality education, the chemical industry, and women in the chemical profession.

The conference will feature technical sessions and a poster session, and we hope to accommodate over 400 local and international attendees. The event would also feature keynote and plenary speakers of international renown.

Through our conference, we aim to lend our utmost support to the development of the chemical and applied industries in Sri Lanka by collaborating with successful industrialists and multifaceted scientists and by providing a venue for companies to commercialize their products. Moreover, in the Sri Lankan context, it is believed that discussion and awareness of new technologies are essential to combat the economic crises we have experienced. As organizers, we are aware that we cannot accomplish this feat alone.